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Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards are built around one idea. Unquestionable quality. Designed and developed by the entire Plan B skateboard team, everything is made to meet their exact specification and high standards.
Plan B skateboards was formed in 1991 as a superteam, made up of an elite group of skateboard professionals at that time. Plan B was started under Steve Rocco's World Industries empire, and the team was headed by H-Street ex-co-owner Mike Ternasky. The original team was made up of top riders from other companies who all left to form Plan B skateboards. It consisted of Danny Way, Matt Hensley, Rodney Mullen, Mike Carroll, Sean Sheffey and Rick Howard, and later added riders Colin McKay, Pat Duffy, Sal Barbier, Ronnie Bertino, Jeremy Wray, and Moses Itkonen. They also took the superteam concept to snowboarding and formed Type A Snowboards. In 1993 Rick Howard was disgruntled over a wheel invoicing dispute and left Plan B skateboards with fellow team riders Mike Carroll, and Sean Sheffey, as well as Megan Baltimore who worked in administration. They went on to form Girl Skateboards. In 1994, Mike Ternasky was killed in a car accident. Danny Way and Colin McKay took over the team while still maintaining pro status and eventually went independent, separating from World Industries. World Industries in turn formed their own superteam, with the Rodney Mullen headed A-team. With the loss of Ternasky, the team lost focus and Way and McKay pulled the plug on the brand and went on to focus their efforts on their individual professional careers, with Way joining Alien Workshop and McKay first joining Girl Skateboards and later Seek Skateboards. Plan B skateboards Professional Team: Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Ryan Gallant, PJ Ladd, Pat Duffy, Brian Wenning, Ryan Sheckler, Philip Almendares, Adam frishman, Stephen Beaner, and Jake Pearce