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Risers are an integral part of skateboarding. The risers that your trucks are mounted on need to be able to take quite a beating- even under the average rider. So, a good durable Riser pad is an important part of skateboarding. A good riser can make or break a riders performance.

Most skateboard companies only make risers in 1/8" and 1/4" thickness out of low grade plastic that will break down and or collapse under even the average rider. At Khiro, our engineers have designed, developed and manufactured our risers to provide the best in skateboarding performance for every riders' needs.

Khiro Risers are designed for the performance and dependability you need in a riser pad. Made of an extremely durable combination of materials, our engineers have perfected the formula for a riser that will withstand the hardest landings and roughest riding conditions.

While most companies only make 1/8 risers and tell you to stack them- Khiro saw the opportunity to fill all your needs and produce the highest quality, strongest risers in a variety of thicknesses for all your riding needs and for all types of skateboarding such as street, banks, bowls, rails, gaps, transition, big vert, pipes, slalom, downhill, and or wherever your board takes you!

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