Independent Skateboard Trucks - Stage 10 - 159: The Independent Stage X includes a baseplate update while the hanger remains the same. The cavity holes in the baseplate have been filled, making it perfectly balanced and virtually indestructible! The pinch has been moved back a tad to add strength without changing the geometry that makes Indys turn so damn good.


- Sold in Pairs
- Hanger Length: 150mm
- Axl Length: 8.75"
- BOARD RANGE:8.25"-8.75"
- All Stage 10s feature:
- All new baseplate
- Lightweight hollow-body hanger
- 4140 chrome molly steel axles
- Grade 8 kingpins
- Precision drilled holes
- Made in the USA.
- Guaranteed For Life!
- #1 Choice of professional Skateboarders